Professional Preparation
State University of New York    Physics    B.S. 1970
Southern Illinois University    Chemical Physics   Ph.D. 1974

2008 – Present Professor, Materials Science Program, University of Delaware
1998 – 2008  Karl W. and Renate Böer Professor and Chair, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Delaware
1996 – 1998  Professor and Chair, Materials Science Program, University of Delaware
1994 – 1996  Co-Director, NSF Center on Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies, Stanford University/IBM/UC-Davis
1986 – 1996  Consulting Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford
1980 – 1982  Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Santa Clara
1977 – 1996   Research Staff Member, IBM Almaden Research Center
1976 – 1977   NRC/NAS Research Associate, Polymers Division, NIST
1974 – 1976  Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics Department, University of Michigan;
1969 – 1970   Instructor, Physics Department, SUNY (Oneonta)

1. Performance and Application of a New Planar Array Infrared Spectrograph Operating in the Mid-Infrared (2000-975 cm-1) Fingerprint Region, C. Pellerin, C. Snively, Y. Liu, D. B. Chase and J. F. Rabolt, Applied Spectroscopy 2004, 58, 639-646
2. Acquisition of Mid-Infrared Spectra from Non-Repeatable Events with Sub 100ìs
   Temporal Resolution Using Planar Array Infrared (PA-IR) Spectroscopy, C. M.  
   Snively, C. Pellerin, J. F. Rabolt and D. B. Chase, Analytical Chemistry 2004, 76, 1811-1816
3. New Developments in Planar Array Infrared Spectroscopy, I. Pelletier, C. Pellerin, D.   
   B. Chase and J. F. Rabolt, Applied Spectroscopy 2005, 59, 156-163
4. Planar Array Infrared Emission Spectroscopy, Christian Pellerin, Isabelle Pelletier,  
   John F. Rabolt and D. Bruce Chase, Analytical Chemistry 2007, 79 (5), 2037-2041
5.  Development of a Planar Array Infrared Reflection Spectrograph for Reflection-  
    Absorption Spectroscopy of Thin Films at Metal and Water Surfaces, Y. S. Kim, C. M.  
    Snively, J. F. Rabolt  and D. B. Chase, Applied Spectroscopy 2007, 61, 916-920

Honors and Awards:
New York Society of Applied Spectroscopy Gold Medal Award, 2008
Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award, 2005
Bomem-Michelson Award in Molecular Spectroscopy, 2000
Lippincott Award in Vibrational Spectroscopy, 1993
Maurice L. Huggins Memorial Award in Polymer Science, 1992
Louis A. Strait Award in Applied Spectroscopy, 1992
Williams-Wright Award in Vibrational Spectroscopy, 1990
Fellow, American Physical Society, 1986
Coblentz Award in Molecular Spectroscopy, 1985
Bayer/Mobay Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh, 1990
NRC Research Associateship, National Bureau of Standards, 1976-1977

Synergistic Activities
Member, Gordon Research Conferences, Selection and Scheduling Committee, 1997 - 2002
Member, NASA Microgravity Materials Science Discipline Working Group, 1997 - present
Associate Editor, MACROMOLECULES, 1992 - 2001
Chair, Gordon Conf. on Organic Thin Films-1996; Polymers-1990; Vibrational Spectroscopy 1990
Chairman, APS Division of High Polymer Physics, 1989-90

Collaborators and Co-Editors
Bruce Chase (DuPont); Robert Akins (Nemours Hospital), Kim Woodhouse (Toronto)

Graduate and Postgraduate Advisors
Ph.D. Advisor at Southern Illinois: Professor Kenneth Johnson (now Emeritus Professor)
Postdoctoral Advisor at U.Michigan: Professor Sam Krimm (now Professor Emeritus)

Postgraduate Scholars Mentored (10 at IBM)
Dr. Alfonse Schulte Prof., Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Central Florida, Orlando
Dr. Jurgen Rabe Prof., Dept. of Physics, University of Berlin
Dr. Steven Ren Research Scientist, Seagate Technologies, San Jose
Dr. Catherine Hoffman Research Staff Member, IBM, San Jose
Dr. Elisabetta Agosti Research Professor, Polytechnico Milano
Dr. Vicki Hallmark Research Staff Member, IBM Almaden (last known address)
Dr. Laurie Laughlin Research Scientist, IBM, General Products Division, San Jose
Dr. Harry “Bo” Burns Research Staff, HP, Corvallis, OR
Dr. Martin Stetzle Max-Planck-Institut fur Kolloid – Berlin
Dr. Mei-Wei Tsao Materials Research Services (startup company)

Doctoral Students Graduated (at University of Delaware)
Jeannie Stephens Rice University, Houston, Texas
Simon Frisk Research Staff, DuPont, Wilmington, DE
Julia Liu Research Staff, General Electric, Evansville, IN
Cheryl Casper Research Staff, DuPont, Richmond, VA
Danielle Rockwood, Postdoc, Tufts University, Boston
Steve Givens, DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems, Richmond, VA

Masters Students Graduated (at University of Delaware)
Cherish Lesko (1998), Y. Dong (2000), Yin He (2003), Zeuwen Li (2008)

Doctoral Students (at University of Delaware)
Carl Giller, Olga Hartmann, Young Kim, Kristin Sisson, Xianqiao Ma (all current)

Postdoctoral Scholars Sponsored (at University of Delaware)
Dr. Douglas Elmore (now w/ Cargill Corporation, Memphis), Dr. Christiana Kramer (currently employed in Germany), Dr. Sophie Riou, Dr. Silke Megelski (currently employed at DECHEMA in Germany), Dr. Christian Pellerin (Assistant Professor, Chemistry, University of Montreal), Dr. Isabelle Pelltier (Montreal), Dr. Chris Snively (Research Professor – MSE), Dr. Keun-Hyung Lee (currently in Japan) Dr. Andrea Pesapane (Visiting Postdoc, currently at Politecnico Milano).
PAIR Technologies LLC Responsibilities:
Chief Scientific Officer – provide scientific direction for the application of PA-IR spectroscopy to
problems of broad commercial, analytical interest. Co-advise STTR postdoc on design of double beam optics.